PROLEN®BODYFRESH is a special polypropylene multifilament yarn modified by an bacteriostatic additive on the basis of biogenic silver ions.

The bacteriostatic additive is harmless for men and the environment. The antibacterial effect of silver has been known already for many centuries. Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria, reduce unpleasant smells, keep a biological balance of your skin and set hygienic freshness to the product during sports and leisure activities. Due to the fact that the bacteriostatic agent is applied to the core of the yarn and not to its surface, it doesn`t migrate from the fabric and permanently remains in it even after multiple washing.

PROLEN®BODYFRESH has been created for underwear, sports garments, workwear, socks, filling material for shoes, bedclothes, lining and upholstery to protect in environments which require high hygienic standards.